In span of hour, two elderly Stillwater drivers accidentally hit gas pedal, cause separate wrecks

"Which one of these here pedals is the brake, sonny?"
"Which one of these here pedals is the brake, sonny?"

Stillwater has a driving-while-old problem.

Within the span of one hour Saturday afternoon, two separate wrecks were caused by 92- and 83-year-old drivers who accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

Are we sure it isn't a good idea to make folks pass another driving test once they've been alive for about three-quarters of a century or so?

Saturday's first incident occurred a bit after 3 p.m., when a 92-year-old man "rapidly accelerated" in reverse in a parking lot, hitting a pair of trucks and a power pole before coming to a stop.

According to Stillwater Patch, the driver told police he "hit the accelerator when he intended to brake," causing the unfortunate chain of collisions. His car was towed away from the scene with two broken axels, but nobody was hurt.

The police report says it "appears that [the man's] lack of motor skills caused his vehicle to accelerate out of control." Just the type of person I want to be driving alongside on the freeway!

About an hour later, an 83-year-old man drove his vehicle into a home on the 100 block of Northland Avenue in Stillwater. The driver pulled into a driveway in an effort to turn his vehicle around, but accidentally hit the gas and accelerated into the front of the house. No injuries were reported, and police filled out a driver evaluation that will be sent to the state for review.

So look out, Stillwater drivers. Old folks are on the road, and they're apparently having a hard time determining which pedal is which.

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