In Edina, guy pulls real gun on teenagers playing with Nerf guns [VIDEO]


A recent incident in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina came close to being America's latest "stand your ground" shooting controversy. 

On one side were a group of teenagers who had, apparently, been firing Nerf guns inside and outside a store, and who defiantly continued when they were told to stop.

On the other, an angry adult man and woman. The woman expresses her displeasure with the kids' behavior by scolding them. 

The man doesn't say much once the tape starts rolling, though toward the end, the teens accuse him of calling them "niggers," and telling them to "go back to Somalia."

Just as the tape starts, one of the young men moves toward the couple. "I wouldn't do it!" the woman warns him repeatedly. 

Apparently, she knows what she's talking about: As the kid approaches, the adult man pulls out a handgun. The phone filming the incident swings around a bit, so it's unclear if the man actually pointed the gun at the younger man. 

The woman turns back to him, saying, "Ron, put it away," a request with which he complied. 

The woman proceeds to lecture the kids about the lack of respect they'd showed when she told them to stop playing with their Nerf guns.

Replies one of the teens: "You don't have to pull out a real gun!"

Score one point for that guy. 

Edina Police Chief David Nelson said local cops responded to the scene and "spoke to all parties involved." No arrests were made, and the investigation findings have been turned over to prosecutors. 



Posted by Faysal Ali on Wednesday, April 12, 2017