Impound lot has unwanted car, unwanted urn?


You can probably imagine the plethora of goodies you can find in cars left at the impound lot. These are cars no one wants, so they are eventually sold off to the highest bidder. Employees describe finding all sorts of junk and then once in awhile a hefty pile of drugs, weapons, and other illegal items.

They say they even tow cars with dead bodies in them. Cars in deadly car wrecks will often be towed away so the body can be removed privately.

But what about an unwanted urn with someone's remains inside?

The Pioneer Press tells the story of one tow company that has been desperately trying for weeks to return the man's urn to a family member. They have contacted the funeral home, made phone calls to supposed family members, and contacted authorities. No one is willing to help and no one seems to want this guy's remains.

So the urn sits in their office, freaking them out. The owner is just too nice to toss this dead man in the trash. So then what can you do?

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