Immigration foes punk'd at Statehouse rally


It's getting so you can't trust a good tea party.

Some immigration protesters at the Minnesota State House were played for rubes over the weekend by a speaker who railed against immigration -- and then turned the tables on the organizers.

Someone billing himself as Robert Erickson took to the podium after being introduced by radio talking head and failed gubernatorial candidate Sue Jeffers as someone who has "spent a lot of time living around immigrants and seen the effects they have on the local job market."

"It's people like all of you and events like this that make America great," he told the cheering participants. Then, he launched into a straight-from-the-talking-points speech:

In Minneapolis, where I'm from, we have a huge immigrant population that's been causing a number of problems.  With the economy in recession, and so many people getting laid off, and unable to find work, immigrants should not be competing for the few jobs that are out there.  It's just not fair to the folks who have a claim to this land and the  right to be here. All across America, they are contributing to the flooding of our job markets making it hard for American's to find jobs.  Well I'm fed up and its time to let our politicians know that enough is enough, and we're not gonna take it any more!

The crowd applause grows louder and longer as he calls for tougher border and deportation laws. Then he lowers the boom.

I say its time for us to say enough is enough!  Are you with me?  Are you with me?  Lets send these European immigrants back where they came from!  I don't care if they are Polish, Irish, English, Italian, or Norwegian!  European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinous crimes in the history of the world, including genocide and slavery!  Its time to restore the sovereignty of people native to this land!  I want more workplace raids, starting with the big banks downtown.  There are thousands of illegals working in those buildings, hiding in their offices, and taking Dakota jobs.  Let's round them up and ship them out.  Then we need to hit them at home where they sleep, I don't care if we separate families, they should have known better when they came here illegally.

Some of Erickson's allies in the audience begin chanting, "Europeans out!" and "Columbus go home!" as Jeffers looks unsure what to do next and her supporters realize they've been punk'd.