Ilhan Omar's marriage history makes Fox News [VIDEO]

Pete Hegseth is VERY excited to be asking a non-white person to say something isn't racist.

Pete Hegseth is VERY excited to be asking a non-white person to say something isn't racist.

Ilhan Omar was on Fox News!

Well, not Omar herself. But her name! Plus, all the tawdry, as-yet-unproven allegations about her personal life the right-wing media can't get enough of. 

When last we saw Pete Hegseth, the former congressional campaign loser was trolling the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, asking, "Hey, does anybody here even speak English?" (Answer: Yes, but not to Pete Hegseth.) 

Monday, Hegseth welcomed as his guest Preya Samsundar, an Alpha News journalist who has been pushing the investigation into Omar's private life harder than just about anyone.  

Hegseth heaped praised on young Samsundar for her work digging in to Omar's past.

Samsundar's doing the bidding of Republican activists as a journalist, but in the past, her work was more direct. In 2014, she worked as communications director for David Latvaaho's short, ill-fated campaign for U.S. Senate. After that ship ran aground, Samsundar jumped on the sinking vessel of Sharna Wahlgren. Samsundar was "coordinator of volunteers" for the campaign, which finished with 32 percent of the vote, a little more than half of DFL U.S. Rep Betty McCollum's general election tally.

Somehow, Samsundar was able to do all this Republican campaign support while still holding down a job as a sales associate at Fossil, makers of fancy watches and wallets. According to Linkedin, Samsundar's duties called for her to "report incidents to management," a role that seems to have prepared her for this appearance on Fox & Friends

Feels weird to be rummaging around in Samsundar's employment history, doesn't it? Now imagine how Ilhan Omar feels.

As Samsundar informed Hegseth and Fox's audience, allegations that Omar had married her brother were "brought up on a Somali spot forum, by a member of the Somali community." Aha! Case closed then.

Hegseth asked if, as Omar has alleged, the presumptive DFL legislator is the target of "racism and Islamophobia." The fill-in host seemed to relish the chance to finally put this kind of question to a non-white guest.

He also wondered why "mainstream media in Minnesota isn't really covering this," a striking allegation, if it were true at all: The Star Tribune (three stories so far), Pioneer Press, Minnesota Public Radio, MinnPost and all of the local TV stations have reported on Omar's messy marital history. Hell, Fox 9, the local affiliate for Hegseth's station, ran a story about Omar that was so great they removed it from their website.

A similarly interesting question: Why is it that right-wing media "wasn't really covering" Ilhan Omar while she was a shining-hope candidate for a generation's worth of American refugees and immigrants, if not for Muslim women worldwide? Why is it now that Fox News is only interested in Ilhan Omar now? 

The answer is probably to be found somewhere behind the shit-eating grin on Hegseth's face in the video below.