Ignored on Tinder, college guy tells woman 'I kinda hope you get raped'

The guy's first Tinder message did not get him a date. His second is getting the kind of attention he probably didn't plan for.

The guy's first Tinder message did not get him a date. His second is getting the kind of attention he probably didn't plan for. Facebook

One young Twin Cities man is going to have a hard time finding a date for a while.

Especially if he's using Tinder, which he apparently was not long ago, and where, in early September, he "matched" with a young woman named Alison Kmett.

The man's Tinder profile described him as 20, a student at North Hennepin Community College, "quick with a joke or to light up your smoke," and a lover of hockey and lacrosse, according to a since-gone-viral Facebook post of Kmett's. He currently works as a cook, and is working toward a nursing degree.

"Hey," the guy wrote to Kmett. Time passed, and her would-be suitor's attempt at an opening line went without response. So he wrote again.

"Well i kinda hope you get raped bye," the guy wrote, illustrating his message with a hand-wave emoji.

Eschewing the traditional choices -- either responding to this grisly threat, or ignoring it -- Alison Kmett went with a third option. She took it public, posting a screenshot of the messages and his Tinder profile, while charitably crossing out the dude's name. 

"I’m usually never on my dating app," Kmett wrote, "but last night I decided to clear all my notifications just to see this message sent to me."

Writing about rape because some woman shot you down is "not at all okay," she continued, even if he says he was "kidding" or "trying to get [Kmett's] attention."

Wrote Kmett: "Oh but you did get my attention. And now you will get attention too, maybe not the kind you were hoping for tho. You don't get to justify what you said. You can't. You crossed the line and made it personal."

Kmett thinks the college student is unfit for a job in nursing, if he's the kind of guy "wishing rape upon women you don't get a reaction or a reply out of." She finished her post encouraging friends to share the post, so the "hope you get raped" guy came to the attention of others. It worked: Since she published it on Saturday, Kmett's post has been shared almost 1,500 times.

Others took the story directly to the guy's school, which responded with a statement earlier this week. North Hennepin Community College heard from "many very concerned students, parents, and community members" about the situation, and reiterated its stance against behavior like his.

"Our college takes this matter very seriously, and our public safety department has opened an investigation into the incident. We do not in any way condone, or tolerate this type of rhetoric or behavior, as stated in our sexual harassment policy."

NHCC did not include whether the incident could affect the man's status as a nursing student.