If Twins pitcher Pat Light throws the worst pitch ever and no one is around to see it... [VIDEO]


Pat Light was supposed to miss.

But not like this. 

Light, a relief pitcher for the woeful Twins, was trying to intentionally walk Detroit Tigers batter Erick Aybar. This means purposely throwing the baseball outside the strike zone. 

Not outside the field of play.

Light somehow managed to sky this pitch way over (and away from) Twins catcher Juan Centeno, who then had to go chase the darn thing down. While he was doing that, Justin Upton came charging in from third base to score a run, giving Detroit a 4-2 lead. 

That score held, and the Twins dropped to 55-97 on a season that's mercifully just about over.

The good news for Pat Light? Twins fans are barely noticing these days; check out how few made it out to the park yesterday.



Bad news: They're still videotaping the games, and this pitch will go down as one of the worst ever committed to film. 

Pat Light's ego has been placed on the 15-day disabled list.