If Pawlenty has to read one more Michael Jackson story...

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is good at putting on the straight face when he needs to, but there are some things that really make this guy boil. One thing that really makes him twitch? Dead Michael Jackson.

If there's anyone we were hoping would comment on the unfortunate death of the King of Pop, our governor and likely presidential candidate topped our list. We got it: He is flat-out sick of the media coverage.

Everyone has got to move on and start refocusing on his national ambitions. Jackson is totally dimming his spotlight and stealing Pawlenty's mullet-thunder.

Pawlenty mentioned Jackson

during his weekly radio show Friday


"[It's] time to move on." He opened his portion of the show talking, unprompted, about the Jackson coverage. "You can't get away from it. ... I've had enough of it.

"It's time to pay our respects and move on."

You know what else he is sick of? The U.S. Senate race. Now we're talking. If anything, T-Paw should be thankful that Coleman conceded and saved him from some serious political decisions in the process.

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