If O.J. Simpson could travel back to Minneapolis circa 1968

Remember when O.J. Simpson was slashing up the Gophers defense? Neither do we. Those epic football games (and politically correct usage of sports terms) fade fast after a national murder trial, a book deal detailing how he would murder someone IF he did it and now standing trial for robbery and kidnapping. What do you have to show for yourself at your high school reunions?

Forty years ago today, Simpson was on top of the world, leading USC to a bloody defeat of the Gophers. Today marked the start of his Heisman Trophy winning season with four touchdowns. Check out the LA Times article and newspaper clip from 1968 here.

According to the LA Times story:

Defensive tackle Tony Terry said the victory was just a matter of time. "You know why? Because we have O.J. All you have to do is give him the ball."

I think all America has to do now is keep him away from people, cars and anything related to his rise to fame.

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