If Coleman appeal undecided by Fourth of July, Klobuchar will show her mad face


Watch out, folks. We lost our patience long ago with this never-ending battle for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat still sitting empty. Well now even Sen. Amy Klobuchar is showing she is going to be pretty ticked off if this stretches past Independence Day.

No patience, no calm. Just mad, she says.

Klobuchar talked to reporters in St. Louis Park today after another event.

Here is what she had to say, courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio:

"I have predicted the 4th of July, when the corn is knee high on the 4th of July," Klobuchar said. "I've already predicted that it would be done when the ice melted on Lake Minnetonka. That was incorrect. And I've now predicted the 4th of July. And if that is incorrect I will make no more predictions. I'll just be mad."