If a Red Pine Falls

MORE WINTER CAMPING seems to be in store for Twin Cities-based enviros determined to preserve the Little Alfie tract of ancient red and white pines. The trees first made news nine months ago, when reports surfaced that the U.S. Forest Service was letting the tract be logged without the required environmental analysis and against the advice of its own biologists ("The Lore of the Pines," 1/29). Protesters blockaded the logging trucks; meanwhile Minneapolis-based Earth Protector sued and got the Forest Service to promise a full-fledged study. Based on that, the Forest Service Tuesday announced Little Alfie will be reopened for harvest this winter. The service intends to allow cutting of about as many trees as originally planned; however, none would be white pines, one of Minnesota's more beloved and headline-making species. Opponents of the logging say they plan to appeal the decision and renew their blockade.

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