Ieshuh Griffin's "NOT the whiteman's bitch" not OK on Wis. ballot [UPDATED]

Griffin's campaign literature
Griffin's campaign literature
Screen shot via The Milwaukee Drum

Updated: Griffin makes good on her threat and takes her case to court. Details after the jump.

Maybe there are better campaign slogans than "NOT the whiteman's bitch" for a black woman to proudly declare her political independence. But that's not how Ieshuh Griffin looks at the matter.

A community activist, Griffin's running for a seat in the Wisconsin Assembly as an independent, representing a Milwaukee district. And there, independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.

Hence, "NOT the whiteman's bitch."

"It's a term the constituents identify with," she says.

But the state's Government Accountability Board has voted down her request. She can keep the slogan on campaign literature and use it in advertising if she wants too; it just can't appear on the ballot.

Not all board members were offended, according to the Journal Sentinel:

"She says a lot in five words," Barland said of Griffin. "It wasn't pornographic. It wasn't obscene, and I didn't interpret it as racial."

Updated: Griffin, who views all this as a matter of free speech rights, has made good on a threat to take the matter to court this afternoon, filing a writ of federal habeus corpus. She told the Wisconsin State Journal, "I'm very serious about taking this all the way."

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