Idiot cell phone reminder, docs say no to alcohol at U stadium


Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Cell phone users are receiving unsolicited text messages warning them that their US Bank account is being closed. The messages are a phishing scam to steal your information. Don't respond! One of the text messages reads: "Dear US Bank member, your account with us is closed due to unusual activity, call us at 13365100853." Another says: "You need to verify your US Bank acct (unusual activity), call at 8664330632."

Local doctors want Regents to delay vote on stadium alcohol 
A Twin Cities physicians' group wants the University of Minnesota Regents to hold off on their vote, scheduled Friday, on selling alcohol at the new on-campus stadium. The group is worried it will send the wrong message. Let's be real: College students are going to drink either way. Most of the students drunk at the games couldn't even legally buy booze at the game anyway. What do they care? 

Edina is expanding the collection of compostable materials like food, yard waste and even pizza boxes year-round by allowing biweekly collection in the winter when there is less yard waste. When is this sort of program going to make it in Minneapolis? 

Nordstrom is trying to make some big bucks this season by tricking rich people into spending a lot of money. Their big gifts range from a $15,000 Juicy Couture armoire to a $200,000 personalized painting. Do people who buy these things feel even a tinge of guilt when people around them are facing foreclosure and losing their jobs? Probably not. Spend spend spend! 

The Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul has scored some pretty great traveling exhibits lately. Add the Dead Sea Scrolls to the list. The oldest known biblical documents are scheduled to visit St. Paul for April to August in 2010.