Identity Evropa posters found at Dinkytown coffee shop [PHOTOS]

The geniuses at Identity Evropa can't even spell Europe correctly.

The geniuses at Identity Evropa can't even spell Europe correctly. Submitted photo

The worst thing about racists is what they think.

The best thing about them is how bad they are at thinking.

Consider whichever right-wing activist recently tried recruiting new members to his cause from the Twin Cities area. Where would he find the sort of aggrieved, unenlightened, any-port-in-the-storm dupe who might fall for that sort of shit?

If you said "a coffee shop on a college campus in a liberal city," you are... well, you're probably the guy who did this, because that's the only person dumb enough to think that.

On Monday, staff at the Purple Onion discovered posters for "Identity Evropa" mixed in with fliers with other offers. Identity Evropa is the sort of white-folks-first group that draws attention from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which earlier this year reported on its attempts to "make inroads at U.S. colleges."

According to some outlets, it was members of Identity Evropa whose meeting at the Minneapolis Institute of Art led to a physical clash with anti-fascist activists back in February. Right-wingers involved in that incident later published a letter saying they aren't racist, they just like "traditional art."

Probably like the stuff depicted on these fliers, which instruct people to "PROTECT YOUR HERITAGE" and "SERVE YOUR PEOPLE." Maybe these are just references to one's "heritage" as a lover of Roman sculptures, and "your people" refers to serving ... dead sculptors. Probably it's just about white people.

(Notice how guys who traffic in this don't have any real skills, like the artists they claim... and never quite look like the guys in the sculptures?) 

Inspired yet, undergrads? Wait 'til you see the back of it!

If that doesn't convince you to narrow your horizons and stop reading anything that wasn't published in a sparsely populated online messsage board, nothing will.

This was the first time these recruitment fliers have appeared at the Purple Onion, says one employee there, and they did not last long. If the guy who left them wants to recycle them for use in another equally inapt location, they can be found in the dumpster.