Ice Cube, Kevin Hart crash Wolves game touting Ride Along 2 [VIDEO]

The co-stars were in the Twin Cities promoting their cop comedy sequel.

The co-stars were in the Twin Cities promoting their cop comedy sequel.

Famous people are cool.

While the Twin Cities are (thankfully) about as different from Hollywood as it gets, it’s kinda fun when red carpet-walkers roll through. As much as we love dog tricks and that spinning plate lady, the halftime show at Friday’s Timberwolves game had a lot more star power than usual.

In town on a promo swing for their new movie Ride Along 2, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart crashed the court during the break. A video the team posted online shows the once menacing rapper judging a goofy dance competition, in true in-game entertainment fashion, before Hart barged in.

“It looked like you was spazzing out a little bit,” said Cube, critiquing one fan. “It looked like you was … wait a minute, we got a problem on the court.”

The crowd erupted as Hart hit the floor and grabbed a microphone to scold his co-star for starting without him and shamelessly plug their cop comedy’s Jan. 15 premiere date. The surprise visit marked a Target Center return for Hart, after his What Now? tour came to the arena last spring. The sprawling trek was projected to be the highest grossing comedy tour ever.

Before Friday’s game, Hart and Cube, whose career-launching group N.W.A. was recently named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2016 class, held a Q&A with fans at the Mall of America. Though it wasn’t on their itinerary, both stars are known to play a little ball. Despite standing 5-foot-4, Hart was the MVP of the celebrity basketball game during last season’s NBA All-Star Game. Back in the '90s, Cube had a famously good day, recalling the time he “fucked around and got a triple double.”

We haven’t seen the official box score, but we’ll take his word for it.