I can't stop staring at this forest shaped like Minnesota [PHOTO]


A forest shaped exactly like Minnesota has been discovered in Williams, Minnesota.

An eagle-eyed Redditor spotted the familiar shaped cluster of trees on Google maps and posted a screen shot of his find.

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Although at first there was some speculation that it was photoshopped, that was put to rest with the posting of the location, which is near Faunce Forest Rd SW in Williams, six hours to our north near the border.

Here is what it looks like when you zoom out -- you can really see the scale of the forest:


This is a Vine I made showing what it looks like to zoom in on Google:

How did this happen? So far, the best theory is that this was some logger's idea of a practical joke. If you know more, let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive! A commenter offers more information about the Minnesota-shaped forest:

Hello, I have been aware of this timber harvest shaped like the state of MN border for about 8 years.  I was a forester in northern Minnesota for some time and I can tell you this.  This is state forest land, managed by DNR Division of Forestry.  The state employs foresters to design timber harvests to meet many objectives including ecological and economic ones.  The forester who designed this timber sale is a veteran at his craft and created this boundary line without the use of gps, but with map and compass instead.  The forest type is jack pine, which is an early successional species that colonizes sites after a major disturbance and needs full sun to thrive. This species occurs in fire dependent forests.  Modern timber sales mimic the effect of fire in these landscapes.  As such this large opening was created to encourage it's regeneration.   Loggers are contractors of the landowners/ land managers, and as such do not have discretion as to the layout of the harvest or other design features.  They perform the contract. This forester must have an artistic side.

UPDATE II: More details from the comments:

I used to be a logging contractor in this area and remember well when this was done. This was an area in Beltrami Island State forest where all the jack pine trees were the same age as a result of the 1930 fire. The DNR decided to sell several timber tracts in this area as the trees were all reaching the age of maturity and starting to die. This particular tract was made by a very creative forester using only a compass and hip chain. The area was logged in the mid 90's and as it grew back the area's around it were logged. There's a much better picture of the cut over if you look on older google earth photos from the 90's. A renewable resource was used and is once again a forest full of life so all is good.