I am so boycotting you!

class=img_thumbleft> Is "boycott" the new slang for "hatin' on"? Is it simply a publicity stunt? Or does the action, or even the threat of it, affect real and much-needed change? Below, a glimpse at what's been boycotted in the last two weeks and why.

KSTP: On November 4, Vikings players call for boycott of KSTP Channel 5 after reporter Kristin Stinar went Dumpster-diving in search of Love Boat secrets. (Something tells us Bryant McKinnie wasn't really following Cyndy Brucato's ever-evolving look or the channel's investigative stories on harmful backpacks to begin with.)

Fox 9: Minnesota Gopher fans call for a boycott of Fox 9 News on November 7, after it was found during a two-month Fox sting operation that at least five underage hockey players were drinking in Dinkytown.

Aruba: On November 8, nearly 50 years after the Montgomery Bus Boycott (which is remembered as one of the most courageous and history-altering events of the civil rights movement), the governor of Alabama wants the U.S. to boycott a tropical island where a blonde white girl went missing.

50 Cent's film Get Rich or Die Tryin': From Los Angeles to New York, groups organized a boycott of Fitty's semi-autobiographical film, which opened on November 11. They claimed that the rapper, who's holding a gun on the movie poster, glorifies violence and is the wrong role model for kids. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt, who also posed with a gun for the poster of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is spotted on another beach (Aruba, maybe?) with Angelina Jolie.

Sony: Wired Magazine calls for a boycott of the company on November 14 after it was revealed that the record label has been creating anti-pirating CDs that leave computers vulnerable to security breaches.

Target: On November 14, religious groups urge people to shop at a retailer that's friendlier to the Salvation Army after the company creates an online partnership with the Salvation Army but still refuses to allow bell ringers in front of its stores. The same day, a number of progressive bloggers call for a boycott of the discount retailer because it allows its pharmacy employees to refuse to fill prescriptions for emergency contraceptives.

Wal-Mart: A Catholic organization launched a boycott of Wal-Mart stores on November 10, claiming that the big-box retailer had banned Christmas because its employees were greeting customers with "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." On November 13, Wal-Mart apologized to its Christian base for making them feel ignored for so long.

What else deserves to be boycotted this week and why? Leave your answers in the comments.

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