Hussein Hassan sentenced for bomb-threat fake

Hussein Hassan got 15 months for his stunt.

Hussein Hassan got 15 months for his stunt.

Hussein Hassan, the Minneapolis man who staged a bomb threat during a train trip to Seattle, was sentenced in federal court yesterday.

Hassan got a 15-month prison sentence, and, perhaps worse, owes $310,089.07 in restitution. How they  came up with that extra seven cents is anyone's guess.

On a February 14 cross-country train ride, Hassan got a little drunk somewhere in the middle of Montana, and started acting rude to other passengers. The train conductor asked police to throw Hassan off at the next stop.

Once he was under arrest, Hassan told the cop he needed his bag. The arresting cop told Hassan he didn't have a bag with him when he got off the train. Hassan laughed, and offered this threat:

"No one will survive on that train."


Hassan told the deputy his bag had "something very dangerous in it."

The deputy asked Hassan if he was lying about his threat.

"I am Muslim," Hassan told him. "I cannot lie."

Right, well, you're probably also not supposed to drink a lot, either, but Hassan did that anyway. Turns out, Muslim or not, his threat was indeed a lie.

The train was brought to an abrupt halt in a field, where 140 passengers piled out and walked across a frozen pond in the dead of winter to reach buses that took them to a nearby school. Meanwhile, an explosives term searched the train, and Hassan's bags, where they didn't find anything of interest.

Hassan was apparently full of good ideas that day. When he told the arresting officer about his bag bomb, he tried to hatch a plan that would help them both.

"We can sell our story to CNN for a large amount," Hassan told the cop. "I'll be famous for a while."