Husband uses crowbar, gun to force 2nd man into sex with his wife

Husband uses crowbar, gun to force 2nd man into sex with his wife
Photo by verybadlady

Kevin Robert Thompson has been charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, domestic assault and second-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a bizarre Grand Marais event last spring. Deputies say he used a crowbar, knife and gun to force another man he caught alone with his wife to have sex with her.

According to police, Susan Ann Thompson, his wife, went along with the demand, and asked for a sex toy before things got started. She's been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

According to the criminal complaint filed against Susan Thompson, the alleged victim believed that her husband had discovered the affair. When he turned down her invitation to her home on May 15, she became angry and threatened to tell her husband that the alleged victim had been bothering her. She said her husband would harm him by "peeling off his face or killing him," the complaint alleges.

Susan Thompson is accused of calling the alleged victim several times on May 15 and demanding that he come to their house. He eventually acquiesced.

When he arrived at the house, the woman invited him downstairs. The man told Cook County sheriff's deputies that the woman told him: "You look hot. Take off your shirt and take something else off." He was wearing only a T-shirt and his underwear when Kevin Thompson arrived home. Kevin Thompson came downstairs holding a crowbar and a hammer.

The alleged victim ends up duct-taped to a chair, feeling like he's in a porn flick, when more weirdness ensues. It's enough to make you blush.

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