Husband dresses in women's clothes to flee after allegedly killing wife, deer mortal combat

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Hours after allegedly killing his wife, Charles Maddox Jr. drove her car to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, leaving a note on her car that said she was "leaving". Ruth Anne Maddox was found dead in her condo garage Nov. 12. Charles Maddox confessed to her death before leading police to her body.

Deer mortal combat ends in two deaths


The Pioneer Press has a unique story about a man who came across two bucks locked together by their antlers and tried to save one of them. One buck was already dead as the other was seen dragging the carcass along with it. 

We're sure going to try. Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Wisconsin's Gov. Jim Doyle have agreed to work together to save money during tough economic times. That means some joiny purchasing decisions and really bad football jokes. 

Liberia has halted all adoptions through an Eden Prairie adoption agency as they do an investigation into the company. Liberian officials say they have concerns that the West African Children Support Network (WACSN), founded by Liberian-born Maria Luyken of Eden Prairie, could be putting children in homes that don't fit their basic standards. 

Lucia, who is still battling an undetermined illness, said he does not have cancer. He will be going through another series of tests to hopefully get a diagnosis. Rumors started when Lucia missed several games and has been trying to keep his medical problems private.

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