Hunter Thompson's Last Flight Cancelled

His Requested Cannon Shot to be Replaced by a Giant Beer Bong?

Plans for a public memorial service where Hunter S. Thompson's ashes would have been blasted of out of a cannon have been scuttled. Instead, the Denver Post reports, his cremains will be scattered on his Aspen ranch in a private ceremony in August. The method used to "scatter" the writer's ashes is still being worked out.

Among the suggestions: firing the ashes out of a cannon from a 100-foot pillar topped by a 53-foot statue of the journalist's "gonzo fist" emblem.

Flying Dog Brewery, which is creating a new beer in Thompson's honor, said sales of Gonzo Imperial Porter will help fund construction of the gonzo fist tower.

Even though Gonzo beer will have twice the alcohol of other beers, we still suspect that even as whack as he was, Thompson would not have approved.

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