Hundreds more pigs stolen in northern Iowa

All of the pigs in the Midwest are disappearing.

All of the pigs in the Midwest are disappearing.

Yesterday, City Pages alerted you to the strange story of around 750 pigs stolen from Minnesota farms in two separate heists.

Apparently, the same thing's been happening in northern Iowa over the last couple weeks. There are either some prolific pig rustlers in this area who want to sell these pigs under the table, or some desperately hungry people who want to put a gigantic BLT on the table.

The latest series of pig disappearances are in Mitchell County, which borders Minnesota according to Mason City's Globe Gazette. Mitchell County is in northernmost Iowa.

Either the bandits are working their way south or, as no official source will acknowledge, the missing pigs are working their way toward the Mexican border, freeing others as they go.


The Iowa thefts, according to Mitchel County Sheriff Curt Younker, took place at a series of different farms, and added up to a total of 200 missing, the Globe Gazette reports

Younker couldn't estimate the hogs' value yet, but it's likely in the tens of thousands of dollars: The 750 pigs missing from Minnesota farms added up to $130,000 in total lost value.