Humane Society warns of holiday woes

The festivities of the holiday can be a stressful time for us humans, but don't forget to think about our furry friends. The Animal Humane Society has these tips for you and your pet family this holiday season.

-Think twice before giving pets as gifts: "A pet is a long-term commitment and financial investment that requires careful consideration," advises Cindy Johnson, customer service director for AHS. "The person who will be caring for that pet should be a part of the decision to make that commitment."

-Beware of holiday decorations that can interrupt your pet's play, especially tinsel and light strings. To your pet they might seem like a yummy treat or toy, but they can cause strangulation and stomach problems.

-Avoid giving them poultry bones.

-Keep them away from onions; not only do they smell bad and make you cry, they may damage your pet's red blood cells which can lead to anemia.

-Keep them, and the hyper 6-year-old, away from candy, especially chocolate. "Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine which can cause serious illness, or even death."

-Finally, as if our cats are allowed no fun at all, don't give them Eggnog, or anything else alcoholic for that matter. Who knows what they will do? Cat nip makes them go bat shit.

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