Humane Society Receives the Cutest Letter From Little Girl [PHOTO]


Yesterday, the Animal Humane Society received the most adorable letter ever from a little girl named May. In fact, it's enough to bring tears to a grown man's eyes.

Humane Society workers scanned May's letter and uploaded it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, as things this cute are wont to do on the internet.

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Here's what May wrote:


Carrie Libera, spokesperson for the humane society, tells us they get about four or five letters with donations from kids each week.

"There are lots of cute ones, these just happen to be the ones we scanned and saved," she says, adding that it isn't unusual for children to send donations of $100 or more.

"We are completely privately funded, so literally every dollar counts," she adds.

Beyond dollars and cents, letters like May's are reaffirming both for humane society workers and for Libera's faith in humanity.

"The gals that process donations every day have bulletin boards nearby with lots of the kids' letters," she says. "It's touching and sweet. Kids are our future and if kids are raising money for animals and wanting animals treated humanely at this young of an age, it's a good sign there's a good future ahead of us."

To read two more absolutely adorable letters from kids the local chapter of the humane society has received in recent years, click to page two.


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