Humane Society Makes Good

Hurricanes don't just hurt people. They hurt dogs too.

The Animal Human Society, the largest animal rescue organization in the Twin Cities, announced today that it will fly 120 dogs orphaned from Hurricane Ike from Texas to Minnesota.

AHS hopes to make the dogs available for adoption at its five shelters in the next two weeks.

The Strib reports:

The process starts this morning, when a team from the Animal Humane Society (AHS) of Golden Valley, with the help of Northwest Airlines, brings back 59 dogs from Texas that were lost, abandoned or surrendered after the hurricane. Another 60 dogs will head north during the next week, the AHS said.

Once in Minnesota, the dogs "will rest and recover at AHS' five facilities," the society said in a statement Tuesday. "Some may require additional medical treatments and be in AHS' care because of the extraordinary circumstances they have been through."

The statement did not include details about the adoption process.

As any animal blogger knows, there is no group more fired up than the animal welfare community in it's "Kill versus No Kill" debate, and that last devious line, the one about AHS not releasing information about how the adoption process works, set off a flurry of criticism in the paper's comment section.

Minnesota is already dealing with the problems of animal overpopulation and some wondered why make the problem worse by bringing in homeless pets from other states? Others wanted to know how many would actually survive after the move.

As detailed in City Pages' August cover story, last year AHS accepted 36,378 living creatures into its shelters and killed 14,610 of them. Ninety percent of the dead were dogs and cats.

Though the stranded animals were sure thankful, few humans came to AHS's defense. One commenter didn't hold anything back."You can bet a bunch will be killed," lmoc wrote. "The 'Humane' society kills more animals than anyone else--even hunters."


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