Huh. Minnesota has a new tallest escalator, we guess

It's at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, and it's about five stories tall.

It's at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, and it's about five stories tall. Reddit

Things have been uncomfortably high-octane lately, so it gives us no small amount of pleasure to present you with this mildly interesting update to the annals of state transportation trivia.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport claims to have completed the new tallest escalator in the state.

It was constructed over the summer, along with the rest of a new parking ramp at Terminal 1. Here’s a video of it in use.

You’ll notice it’s like a regular escalator ride, but… longer.

According to an airport spokesperson, this monster moving staircase is just over 118 feet long, moves about 100 feet per minute, and is about five stories (55 feet, two inches) tall. The escalator at the Guthrie theater, known broadly as the previous record holder, is reportedly only 47 feet tall.

Over the course of an hour, this bad boy can accommodate 9,000 people. It took four months to complete, and it takes 75 seconds to ride. (Unless you... y'know, walk.)  You can see it being constructed here, in this unveiling video.

Airport traffic is way down due to the risks posed by COVID-19, so there’s no real need to open up the parking ramp just yet, according to an August press release. You’ll probably have to wait to experience the wonderment and mild boredom of testing it out for yourself.

There are, of course, more astonishing escalators outside our borders. The Wheaton Station Escalator in Silver Spring, Maryland is said to be the longest in the Western Hemisphere, measuring in at roughly two football fields in length.