Huge iguana found in Cottage Grove Park [VIDEO]

This thing was hanging out near a playground.

This thing was hanging out near a playground.

Police have finally apprehended the lizard that's been terrifying Minnesotans, and is presumed responsible in the disappearances of dozens of small children.

Okay, so no kids have actually disappeared. But crikey, look at the size of this thing!

A five-foot iguana was found wandering around Cottage Grove Park's Ravine Regional Park, and cops suspect the lizard was probably abandoned there by some bad pet owner who didn't realize it would get so big.

The reptile monster, which has a gigantic beard and a spiked tail, probably wouldn't have done well in Minnesota nights and is lucky to be alive, KSTP reports.


When cops first got the call, they thought they'd be confronting a Kimodo Dragon, the disgusting animals that eat dead things and sometimes attack people in Indonesia. In fact, it's just an overgrown iguana.

"It's a simple case of, someone didn't want to deal with the problem," Cottage Grove police officer Jame Smith told KSTP. "They brought it to a public area, and just released it."

Smith said there's a playground about 100 feet away from where the beast was found, and KSTP spends a lot of time examining the iguana's claws, spiked tail and teeth. But throughout this entire video, the damn things just sits there like it's asleep.

The lizard was taken to the Park Grove Pet Hospital, where its reluctant or worried owner has seven days to claim it. After that, the iguana will be released in an elementary school gym during a school assembly.

No, wait, sorry, it'll be taken to a "local reptile center," where he could go back up for adoption.