Hubby goes on axe rampage over prized action figures, say cops

The suspect said he may have "overreacted."

The suspect said he may have "overreacted." Getty Images/iStockphoto

Around 10 p.m. on Sunday night, a 34-year-old Madison, Wisconsin man called 911 to report himself. 

The man, whose name hasn’t been released, said his problems began with his collection of prized action figures, according to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s blog on the incident. The man explained that he’d been drinking, and he thought his wife had damaged some of them. He said he may have “overreacted.”

“Overreacted,” in his words, meant waiting for his wife to leave the house, grabbed an axe, and demolishing every valuable sight. He’d swung it through the TV, then taken it to a laptop and a few other choice possessions.

Then he went outside to the car. After a few discerning smashes -- including hacking off the side mirrors -- he slammed the blade so hard into the windshield it stuck. That’s where they found the weapon when the police pulled up -- sticking out of the car windshield like some kind of Wisconsinite Excalibur. 

Officers arrested him “without further incident” on charges of disorderly conduct and felony damage to property.

A spokesperson for Madison Police declined to offer more detail on the incident -- including what kind of action figures were at the center of explosion.