How to keep your family from blowing up in the age of Trump

Why let a weird orange guy drive a wedge between you and your family?

Why let a weird orange guy drive a wedge between you and your family? DonkeyHotey

Reader Loretta Volzer Jackson responds to Thanks to Donald Trump, I blocked my uncle on Facebook today:

I can totally relate to what you are saying, as my large and loving family has had a similar banter going on Facebook among family members. It can get to the point where family members who are typically very loving people seem to think it okay to express very mean-spirited and hateful things in an effort to win a political argument.

When I find myself feeling offended, I tell myself to simply stop responding. Nothing I say will change their views and I don't want to alllow Donald Trump (or any person seeking power over others) to drive a wedge between family members that I value and want to be part of my life.

So I do my best to remain educated enough to use my vote confidently and to avoid non-constructive and negative banter to perpetuate.

We have so many positive things, ideas, and values that we share. I prefer to stay focused on these. The outcome of this election will be what it is, and I hope to retain my close family ties regardless of the political issues.

I am fortunate to have many like-minded friends with whom I can discuss political issues without demonizing people or resorting to vicious name calling.