How to get out of jury duty: Express fear of "the cities"


WCCO's Esme Murphy is covering the Tom Petters trial, which is currently in the jury selection phase. She has an interesting post about one the ladies who managed to get dismissed from selection. How did she pull it off? She apparently refuses to drive in "the cities."

Yes, she's a lady from New Prague and her refusal to drive in "the cities" got her out of jury duty. Why don't people pull this excuse more often? She said she was willing to drive to Burnsville, but wanted the court to provide her transportation from there.

As of 11 a.m., the judge had interviewed 29 potential jurors, according to the Star Tribune. Two people, including the New Prague woman, were dismissed. The second was a man who said he knew too much about the case already.

Since when do people get out of their civic duty as adults by claiming they refuse to drive in a metropolitan area? We're dumbfounded that this actually worked for her. We'd prefer hearing that the court told her to suck it up and learn how most adults deal with it. Should us city dwellers have to take more jury duty just because we manage to navigate a (sort of) busy city by car?

Maybe there is more to her excuse, but WCCO has us on a roll. Stand up against fearful rural Minnesotans!