How to find your polling place

It's finally time.
It's finally time.

It's been a long, excruciating road, but election day is finally here.

The only thing left to do is vote, which apparently really matters now, given recent polls show the gay marriage and voter I.D. amendments are suddenly nail biters. (Obama, on the other hand, still has a commanding lead in Minnesota, if communist pollsters like Nate Silver and KSTP are to be believed).

Voter ID, marriage amendments both set to fail, says latest polling
Minnesota Majority wants you to follow buses leaving polling places on election day

For those still unsure of where to cast your votes, there are a few different places to find your polling location, the most reliable of which probably being the Secretary of State website, which you can access here. Or you can try this other site brought to our attention over the weekend, whose title captures where we're all at patience-wise with this election: "Where's my fucking polling place."

First, simply type in your address as shown:

How to find your polling place

The results should not only show you where to vote, but who will be on your ballot, meaning you can do some research before you head to the polling booths:

How to find your polling place

Simple as that. Now, let's get this thing over with.

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