How to drop acid, get naked and ram some cop cars, Wisconsin-style

The ensuing chase ended when the man rolled and totaled his truck.

The ensuing chase ended when the man rolled and totaled his truck.

We don’t recommend dropping acid, stripping down to your birthday suit and getting behind the wheel. But if you do, try not to barrel into a cop car.

One Wisconsin man learned this lesson the hard way last week.

Two officers with the Waukesha Police Department were meeting in a parking lot around 7:45 p.m. As a dashcam video shows, a blue Ford Ranger suddenly came screaming down the residential street. The truck abruptly swerved, plowing through a fence and smashing into the front of a squad car.

“Oh fuck!” one of the officers cried, a second before the impending crash.

The driver of the pick-up threw the vehicle into reverse, backing over the fence and took off down the street. The surprised officer gave chase through the Milwaukee suburb, as the truck blew through stop signs and red lights. At a congested intersection, the driver whipped a sharp U-turn around another car, ramming the squad car again while doubling back the wrong way on Sunset Avenue.

After a nearly four-minute pursuit, the man tried to turn into a vacant parking lot, but hit a barrier. The truck rolled and was totaled. It was unclear whether the man was thrown from the truck or hopped out under his own power, but as the cops pulled in he was walking through the parking lot.

“He’s out on foot,” an officer is heard saying, “and…he’s…naked.”

As Waukesha officers swarmed the scene, the nude man initially complied with their orders, laying down with his crack to the sky. But as a wall of cops blocked the camera’s view, they again yelled at the man to get back on the ground.

“Bean bag ‘em, bean bag ‘em!” shouts one officer, seconds before a thump is heard.

“Ow! OK,” cries the bare-skinned perp.

The cops’ account notes that “less-lethal munition” was used in the arrest. The man was believed to have taken LSD and been involved in a domestic dispute before the chase. He was taken to the hospital with several broken bones and facial injuries thought to have been sustained in the crash.

WISN 12 reports that naked guy’s girlfriend, Katie Wiedenbeck, provided him with drugs. When he tried to leave his house, dong exposed, Wiedenbeck reportedly tried to stop him. But he popped her in the face and split. The 31-year-old woman faces three drug charges, including felony possession of narcotics, and made her first court appearance Thursday. At press time naked guy had not been formally charged, though he's going to have one P.O.-ed parole officer. The man was reportedly already on probation for going pyro on a minivan with a Molotov cocktail.