How prostitution abolitionists manipulate our worries of 'sex trafficking'


Year after year, police stats show there's no hike in prostitution or sex trafficking in Super Bowl host cites. Wikimedia

Reader Norma Jean Almodovar responds to Minnesota ramps up for a mythical Super Bowl sex trafficking rampage:

Excellent article! These prostitution abolitionists don't ever stop with their bovine excrement on 'sex trafficking' nonsense.

Anyone who wants to look at the FBI stats on human trafficking for 2015 can find them online. Minnesota had zero cases of sex trafficking. The FBI reported that in the entire US, there were 744 reported sex trafficking cases, of which 310 were confirmed. Of those, 3 were under 18.

Were there more cases? Probably, but if there are hundreds of thousands of victims, you'd think they would be able to find more. The federal government gives huge grants to police departments to find and rescue us poor ho's. 


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