How much crime has happened at the CC Club? [CHART]

How much crime has happened at the CC Club? [CHART]
cover photo by Tony Nelson

New owners took over the CC Club on May 1, and to mark the changing of the guard, we talked to CC regulars past and present for our most recent cover story. Along with their yarns about record-release parties and new Replacements singles in the juke, we also heard an earful on how, as Tom Arnold put it, the bar "was the one place you could get drug dealers to actually come."

Curious if the cops have ever had to bust the CC Club bathroom -- or break up bar fights, or throw out drunk punks -- we asked the Minneapolis Police Department for all the incident reports at 2600 Lyndale Ave. S., the bar's address. We got back all their digital files, which date to 1990.

Between the earliest computerized incident, November 18, 1990, and the most recent, March 24, 2013, police got 117 other calls about the bar. Here's how they broke down.

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The busiest year for CC crime in the past two-plus decades was 1992, when the police got 12 calls about the bar. The year after was a runner-up at nine calls, and both 2000 and 2001 had the same number of reports.

In 1990, 1997, 2004, 2006, 2011, and 2013, the cops were only called once. Either patrons were remarkably well behaved those years -- or they just decided to handle matters themselves.

When the cops have gotten calls, they've mostly been about assaults and thefts: 18 and 36 times for each, including thefts from cars and of cars (four times). Of all 119 incidents, several were uniquely bar-related: The CC was busted serving minors four times, and six times caught with an improper liquor license.

Here's a chart with the full breakdown:

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
data from the Minneapolis Police Department

Remember, we're also calling for your own best CC Club stories. Ever get arrested there? Tell us about it.

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