How far are you willing to go for cheap gas?

All the way to the depths of your psyche?

In the wake of Highest Gas Prices Ever, the trusty Strib has published a list online this evening of the lowest prices in the Twin Cities metro.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the now-exurban stations are relatively cheap, with the three cheapest locations--at $2.50 to $2.55 a gallon--being in Prior Lake. (Interesting to note that two of those are by Mystic Lake Casino.)

But the two surprises on the list are in what folks in Prior Lake or other outlying areas of the metro would call the "Inner City."

Two Marathon stations on the north side and near north are coming in at $2.62 and $2.63, respectively. The station on Fremont Avenue North and West Broadway is close enough to what's is generally considered to be "the bad part of town"--sometimes translated as "where black people live." Will any suburban commuters swallow perceptions and stereotypes and venture in for cheap fuel?

Even money says they're more likely to drive out to the casino.

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