How do you pronounce 'Visanthe Shiancoe'?

You've been pronouncing his name wrong
You've been pronouncing his name wrong
Photo by Tony Nelson

It's not "Vi-San-Tay." Announcers have been calling him that since the Minnesota Vikings starting tight end hit the NFL. But they've been wrong. Just ask his mother.

"The E is silent at the end," says Shiancoe's mom, Ethel. "I don't know where people got that Vi-Shan-tay from."

So the correct pronunciation is Vi-SanTH. Got that?

If not, don't worry--you'll hear it again. Shiancoe is getting enough attention lately that he seems to have decided it's time to correct everyone. In a recent TV spot he told the announcer how to correctly pronounce his name.

He'll be on NBC's "Minute to Win It" tonight, and we are willing to bet that he's "VisanTHe" there, too. Just watch -- soon you, too, will be rocking the TH.

And don't miss this week's cover story, Visanthe Shiancoe up close and personal.

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