How do you mark a historic presidential win?


What a night. Is there any other way to say it? This was also probably one of the most photographed days in history. Every celebration will be forever remembered through the endless Flickr sites, YouTube videos and newspaper front pages. That's a pretty cool thing to have.

So how did Minnesotans and people around the world get their party on? Check it out below.

In case you missed Obama's acceptance speech, here it is:

In Minneapolis, the biggest celebration started in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Minnesota Independent was on the scene and captured this video:

More from MNIndy:


People from the Somali community, the Nomad Pub, and the nearby Bedlam theater led groups of little kids, young adults, immigrants and older folks-more than 250 people in all-in chants and dances.

One guy appointed himself traffic director, ensuring honking cars were able to weave through the rivers of dancers. Another was a self-appointed band leader, blowing a whistle that turned onlookers into instant dancers and marchers.

When I first arrived at around 11:15, one man, a Somali immigrant, told me he had been dancing in the street for an hour. His friend, with tears in his eyes, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "I have no shame," he said. "I am not ashamed. I kiss everyone. I am so happy."

Here is how the local newspapers featured Barack Obama's victory. Check out the front pages below, courtesy of Minnesota Independent.

To see how newspapers around the world responded, check out the Newseum's front page collection. Shameless plug: And if you are ever in D.C., visit the Newseum. It's worth the admission fee.

How hard did people party around the country? Gawker has a pretty large collection of photos from parties around the country.

Of course there were a lot of emotions. Colin Powell can be seen getting misty-eyed here:

And after years of white people hating our country, the Stuff White People Like blog added a new entry last night: America.