Hooters in Block E files Chapter 11 bankruptcy


How is it that a restaurant bragging about its attractive waitresses squeezed into tight tanks and short shorts -- bras and pantyhose required! -- can't make a go of it across the street from an NBA arena in a major metropolitan area?

Hooters in Block E, $1.8 million in the hole, has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy papers, four months after its landlord sued to have the restaurant evicted for failure to pay rent.

The news comes on the heels of GameWorks announcing it was closing its doors on Block E, as well as well as six other locations around the country.

The Star Tribune got a look at the Hooters filing and found it owed the most money, $1.2 million, to North American Banking Co. It owes Block E Realty, its landlord, $439,910.

Hooters' problems follow the recent news that GameWorks had closed up shop in Block E. And Borders Books bailed on its lease in February 2008.

It's not all bad news for the development. The suds appear to be flowing fine at Kieran's Irish Pub in the old Bellanote space, a week before opening day at the Twins' new Target Field just down the street .

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