Hooters in Block E closes its doors for good

The Block E Hooters restaurant, straining under tight money problems for a while now, has finally closed its doors. Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined, just didn't cut the mustard.

Its owners had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April, four months after Block E landlords sued to have the restaurant evicted for failure to pay rent.

Why a restaurant famed for curvy waitresses in tight tank tops suffered such a bottom line failure in a bustling business district is mystifying. Maybe it's because guys willing to pay good money to see scantily-clad women figure they're better off down the street at real strip joints.

Or maybe it's the jinx of Block E. Developed by McCaffery Interests in 2002 for $132 million, the retail and restaurant complex has a history of watching its original tenants bolt for the door.

Such are the problems at Block E that real estate developer Alatus purchased the property recently for a paltry $14 million, a fraction of its original value.

Either way, the Hooters owners have given all 30 employees at their Block E location the option to work at another Hooters, in Burnsville.

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