Homophobes for Bachmann

Cool! Y'all have another sniveling poofer who hates Republican women in Matt "I'm Writing Just As Badly As I Can" Snyders ("Working Girl," 1/23/08).

It's nice you can extract your male writing staff from the City Pages bathroom glory holes every now and then to actually write articles to accompany your bar/porn ads.

You don't like Michele Bachmann's politics? Oh, what a fucking shame.

She's an outstanding wife and mother. Check out her bio. Pfft: Motherhood? Not something the gay/lesbo crowd at City Pages will ever actually understand or care about.

What a fucking shithole your boring little bastion of pseudo-hip leftist drivel has become since the '70s/'80s heyday of City Pages/Twin Cities Reader.

Carry on. Congratulations on your talentless, impotent arrogance.

Rick Morency St. Paul

Farewell, Dara

Your final column almost made me cry, but I held back the tears given that I'm at work and couldn't quite explain why my favorite restaurant reviewer's departure is bringing me to tears ("Bye-Bye," 1/30/08). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your well-crafted, entertaining, and ultimately helpful reviews. I pick up the City Pages every week and it was usually only to read your column. We'll miss you! Good luck.

Laura Mogelson Minneapolis

An empty place at the table

Talk about dine and dash: Dara Moskowitz is leaving? I feel like after years of reading her column she is leaving me rudderless. I am left to my own devices, only to sit in my room drinking orange juice and eating a two-foot tube of salami—and not the imported salami made by the hands of an artisan butcher in the old country, but some phosphate-laden hunk of meat parts made by huge machines—because I don't care anymore.

Anyway, I could go on and on about all the food things you have turned me on to but I will simply say that you taught me to eat the good stuff. And that your words were like gravy—that once-a-year Thanksgiving gravy.

So I encourage everyone this week to go to your favorite place and pour out a little liquor for a fallen fellow foodie.

Kurt Kwan Minneapolis

Dear Dara,

Your column was the reason I first started reading City Pages. You're a fantastic writer. You'll be missed!

Sara Park Minneapolis

Picture perfect

Hey, that was a great article about photographer Alec Soth ("Freeze Frame," 1/23/08). If you keep that up, the visual arts community might continue reading City Pages, or even subscribe to it.

Loretta Bebeau Minneapolis

Diablo better than F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Matthew Smith's January 2 "Artists of the Year" piece on Diablo Cody ponders the mystery of her acclaim but doesn't get to the bottom of the phenomenon. Smith says, "She is a very talented writer, but Fitzgerald wrote movies, too, and he didn't get nearly this much ink." The difference is that Fitzgerald's film scripts weren't nearly as good.

Colin Covert, movie reviewer, Star Tribune Minneapolis

Diablo's advocate

So, people are sick of hearing about Diablo Cody even though she made her name in Minnesota and she's up for an Oscar. What the hell was she supposed to do? Sit on her demure little ass in Minnesota for the rest of her life? What if Louie Anderson, Bob Dylan, and Judy Garland, just to mention a few, never left Minnesota? Of course, they had to leave if they wanted to achieve some measure of success. Local talent seems never to be appreciated, only envied. And when they come back to entertain, "close friends" come out of the woodwork.

J.P. Johnson Minneapolis

A brief word on our coverage of the presidential race

"Wizard of Odds" (1/9/08): fucking brilliant.

Dan Arlandson Burnsville

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