Holly Boyd charged with throwing, killing Chihuahua puppy after it pissed on her leg

Police say Boyd showed no remorse while admitting to her crime.

Police say Boyd showed no remorse while admitting to her crime.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You just can't go around throwing animals at things every time they piss you off. That goes double for tiny puppies.

Holly Boyd, a 28-year-old Fridley woman, allegedly got so mad at her few-weeks-old Chihuahua for urinating on her stuff that she pitched it across the room and killed it.

Boyd's now facing felony animal cruelty charges in Anoka County that could carry up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


The drama began last Thursday with a fight between Boyd and her boyfriend, Phillip Archambault, according to the criminal complaint. Fridley Police arrived to break up the fight, and advised Archambault to step out of the apartment and cool off.

After he left, Boyd allegedly decided to take her lingering anger out on the couple's new Chihuahua puppy, which they had just picked up the night before.

Only 45 minutes after leaving, Archambault received an ominous text message from his girlfriend, according to the complaint: "The dogs killed it also broke its neck I think."

Archambault rushed back to a grisly sight. The dog was lying on its bed, completely lifeless. Blood dripped from its ear. The puppy's skull was broken in several places, and its bowels protruded from its stomach.

Archambault called 911.

Boyd could go to prison for up to two years.

Boyd could go to prison for up to two years.

When the police returned, Boyd originally tried to convince them that it wasn't her fault. The dog had accidentally stumbled into the coffee table, she told them, according to the complaint.

But she later admitted that the dog peed on her leg and couch, so she threw it into a nearby dresser.

Police say she "showed no remorse" as she explained how the puppy hit the dresser handle and went limp, and even threatened to sue police for arresting her, according to the complaint.

Boyd was arrested and booked in Anoka County jail. She's since been released, and is due back in court April 21.