Holidazzle parade is going way of the dinosaur after this year

Holidazzle parade is going way of the dinosaur after this year
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The Holidazzle's downsized 22nd season will be its last, Minneapolis Downtown Council officials say.

The parades will be held only on Friday and Saturday nights this year -- down from four nights a week in recent seasons -- and next year, "there won't be a Holidazzle as it is today," Leah Wong, the Downtown Council's VP of events and marketing, told the Star Tribune.

According to WCCO, Holidazzle draws an average of 400,000 visitors each year, but the council's decision to "re-imagine the holiday experience downtown" doesn't necessarily mean businesses will lose out on all those potential customers.

Wong told the Strib that starting in 2014, "There certainly will be a holiday experience [that will be] bigger and broader." It just won't be called the Holidazzle.

So you can look forward to that. Or, if you're like yours truly and work out at the downtown YMCA and don't particularly look forward to wading through the crowds Holidazzle brings, you can choose not to look forward to it. Either way.

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