Holidazzle 2008 Photos: Holidazzled by the lights

Holidazzle is a Minnesota tradition. Downtown Minneapolis glows with festive lights as local businesses put on a stellar show that is the equivalent of a walking fireworks display.

Here we have Bullseye, the corporate mascot of local retailer Target.


I'm a sucker for dogs, and Bullseye is a handsome specimen. Somehow, I managed to get him in focus in a closeup, a feat I would not be able to repeat so easily with the human participants in Holidazzle.

The Three Little pigs make an appearance, pursued by the Big Bad Wolf:

My wife loved the Twinkle Bus, and I have to admit it was pretty cool. I'm hoping to do a Flip Video of the Holidazzle Parade next weekend that will better show why--the dude on the front of the bus does the Running Man.

Go Twins! On the first day, this float briefly got stuck in a pothole. A dude ran out and pushed it out of the rut and the crowd cheered louder than they had for any light display. An apt metaphor for the baseball team.

This was my mom's favorite float. She loves the choral music. Sadly, because of the dark conditions and my inability to exert proper red eye control, the choir takes on a slightly scary tint. I hope to rectify this with my Flip video, which will include sound.

The Wizard of Oz was by far the coolest float, IMHO. The Wizard was a glowing video that nicely complimented the light display.

Get ready for the grand finale. That sleigh and those reindeer can only mean ...