Hold Steady: Expanded Web Content


Jeff Severns Guntzel offers the proverbial window into the life of The Hold Steady in this week's feature. Online, we're offering a different look at the band through photos, sounds, interactive media and expanded text.

Start with the photo gallery with concert images by Daniel Corrigan -- and shots from the road by guitarist Tad Kubler. Also available: an audio soundslide backed by a track from the group's acclaimed album Boys and Girls in America.

Interested in seeing the inextricable links between The Hold Steady and the Twin Cities? Check out our interactive map that shows the spots Craig Finn is talking about in the band's lyrics, with links to more information and photos.

Hear author Jeff Severns Guntzel talking about his experience doing the story on cPod, our weekly podcast.

After the jump, you'll find five of the coolest Hold Steady videos available on YouTube and a comprehensive timeline of the band's career, beginning in 2000 and stretching forward into the future -- with links to landmark articles, including one we published some years back. Enjoy.


The Interweb is awash with Hold Steady videos. We combed through them and picked five really, really good ones.

1. THS performing the song that opened their first album for San Diego community television.

2. THS performing "Chips Ahoy" in Belgium. This is #2 because it is so fun to yell ROCK WERCHTER 2007!

3. THS performing "212-Margerita" live and acoustic--it's really all about Kubler on that couch.

4. THS on Jools Holland in the UK. Finn is just plain unhinged in this video. And Kubler is wearing that hat.

5. Guitarist Tad Kubler recounting the "Top 10 Buddy Cop Movies":

THE HOLD STEADY: A ROUGH TIMELINE 2000 September: Craig Finn moves to New York City

2004 March: Hold Steady Almost Killed Me is released on French Kiss Records

2005 May: Separation Sunday released

Craig Finn profiled in New Yorker

THS on cover of Village Voice

Our own Nate Patrin takes a drive with Finn and records what happens here.

July: THS plays Last Call With Carson Daly

THS plays Conan O’Brien (video)

2006 October: Boys and Girls in America released on Vagrant Records

THS Comic Book released with Boys and Girls in America

November: THS on Jimmy Kimmel Live

December: Boys and Girls comes in at #8 on Rolling Stone’s best albums of 2006 list

2007 January: THS on Late Show with David Letterman (YouTube)

Hold Steady “invades Britain

April Band records Take Me Out to the Ballgame for the Metrodome. The session is documented by MTV.

Craig Finn trades verses with Bruce Springsteen at Carnegie Hall (YouTube)

September: THS opens for the Rolling Stones in Dublin

Finn returns to his alma mater, Boston College, for a “master class.

October: THS cover of Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window” shows up on soundtrack to “I’m Not There.” (YouTube)

Sometime in the future:

Craig Finn appears on Kent Hrbek Outdoors. We’re serious. It's already taped. When that airs, rest assured, we'll pass it along.