Hold on to your popcorn: Motion seats coming to MOA theater


Hold onto your popcorn and make sure you've downed that soda before the next action scene in the next upcoming action flick. The Theatres at Mall of America just announced they will be adding motion-activated seats so moviegoers can feel part of the action. It sounds pretty puke-worthy, but definitely worth a try.

The MOA theater will be the first in the state and third in the nation to install the D-BOX technology. There will be 30 seats that move along with the high-intensity scenes to make movies more interactive.

MOA spokeswoman Bridget Jewell said the seats will debut May 21. The movie will be announced next week. There will be one theater featuring 30 moving seats, which will cost an additional $7 on top of the movie ticket price.

More from the D-BOX announcement:

Moviegoers will feel as if they are living the action - experiencing every explosion, car chase and even flight scene right from their very own theater seat. This realistic, immersive experience is created with breakthrough D-BOX Motion Code(TM) technology in which the movie is coded, frame-by-frame, to create customized Motion Effects resulting in subtle, refined movements that work in perfect sync with the action taking place onscreen.

"We are adding a new dimension to movie viewing," stated President and CEO of D-BOX Technologies, Claude Mc Master. "Not since the creation of surround sound and 3D has there been a movie theater innovation that changes the movie viewing experience like D-BOX Motion Code(TM) technology. The movements that these seats make are sophisticated and refined; moviegoers will not be jostled around the entire time, rather they will feel much more a part of the movie."

Theatres at Mall of America is the first theater in Minnesota to feature D-BOX's innovative Motion Systems and the third location in the U.S. The theater will equip 30 seats in its auditorium with the company's motion technology powered by D-BOX Motion Effects, causing seats to jolt, swerve and tilt with onscreen action.

While audience members will experience motion during action sequences, the seats will remain still during the quieter, dialogue-driven scenes and come equipped with individual adjustable settings to customize each experience.

Check out the D-BOX explainer video here. You can even buy one of these chairs for your home. Some people have too much money to throw around.