Hmong refugees join hundreds of students leaving Minneapolis schools

</div class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, The Outsiders, writer Paul Demko reports on the exodus of Hmong students from the troubled Minneapolis School District. An excerpt: "The Hmong refugees aren't the only ones fleeing the Minneapolis public schools. In just the last six years, the district's enrollment has fallen from 48,689 to 36,428—a drop of 25 percent. Enrollment in Choice Is Yours has ballooned from 472 students in its initial year, 2001, to 1,878 during the last school year. Charter schools have claimed still more students. Enrollment at North High School has plummeted from 1,274 to 950 over the last five years. The experience of the recent Hmong arrivals provides a telling snapshot of the difficulties and dysfunction that plague the Minneapolis system." Read the cover story here, then come back to join the discussion.