Hitler reacts to Mark Ritchie's voter ID defeat [VIDEO]

Who knew Hitler took such a shine to Minnesota's Secretary of State?
Who knew Hitler took such a shine to Minnesota's Secretary of State?

-- Supreme Court strikes down Mark Ritchie's proposed amendment titles
-- Power Line on Mark Ritchie: "He takes the late German Führer as his forensic model" [VIDEO]

As news of yesterday's dual Supreme Court's rebuffs of Secretary of State Mark Ritchie circulated, liberals wailed and gnashed teeth. The wailing, along with the favorable court rulings, prompted celebration on the political right.

One such right-winger is local blogger John Gilmore, who went as far as creating a Downfall-inspired video of Hitler reacting to news of his alleged doppelgänger's defeat.

Early in the clip, advisers inform a surprisingly liberal Führer that 'The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that photo ID will be on the ballot... Ritchie has failed to prevent the people from exercising their will to power.' Those of you who have seen Downfall probably have a rough idea where things head from there, but Gilmore inserts some memorable dialogue, including an exchange about the Koch-Brodkorb and Rep. Kerry Gauthier scandals.

It's revealing insight into what Minnesota's right wing thinks about the left these days. Check it out for yourself:

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