Hip Star Tribune tries to help Bachmann speak street slang. Fail.


We've been haunted by the audio of Rep. Michele Bachmann telling RNC chairman Michael Steele "you be da man". She's probably been pretty down lately about her lack of street cred.

Leave it to the Star Tribune to save the day. Columnist Jon Tevlin came through with a good list from a "hip" friend about some real slang Bachmann could use to get cool points with the younger folks. We always check with the Strib first to make sure our street slang is up to par.

If Bachmann takes any of the Strib's advice, we're in big trouble.

Tevlin interviews his buddy Alex Mingus, 28, about some hip slang for people that don't actually live on the street.

We've collected some of the finer quotes of the piece:

"They'll be bitin' her style" "She's killin' it,'' he said.

"She should say that Obama is trickin' all the guac away."

Guac? "Guacamole. Money," he said.

"She rides with Johnny law, or with the po-pos."

"She's showin' off her grill," he said. "She's iced out."

"She should show off her phat crib," said Alex.

"Off the heezy for sheezy."

(Note: We gave a shout-out to Bachmann for comment, but got no reply. Holla back, girl!).

"You might say someone is OC," he said. "Outta control."

Lesson learned: If the slang is printed in the Strib, it's no longer appropriate for the street. It's really quite simple.