Hinckley man allegedly paid undercover cop to kidnap his ex-girlfriend, turn her into sex slave

Jesse Ericson originally wanted to hire a hitman to kill his estranged ex-girlfriend. Then, however, he decided he preferred to condemn her to a fate worse than death.

Ericson, a 45-year-old Hinckley resident, ultimately hoped to kidnap his ex and turn her into his own personal sex slave, but the man he was working with to carry out his plan turned out to be an undercover cop.

Hinckley is now cooling his heels in Pine County Jail after being charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, before he came up with the sex-slave plan, an informant contacted the East Central Drug and Violent Offender Task Force and told agents about Ericson's desire to kill his ex. Task force agents, working undercover, then arranged a series of meetings between Ericson and an imposer hitman.

The imposter hitman and Ericson met numerous times between April 25 and last Friday, with Ericson providing the agent with a picture of the woman, a diagram of her home, and information about her movements.

The criminal complaints says Ericson "wavered between having [his ex] killed and keeping her chained up and using her as a sex slave." He ultimately opted for the sex-slave route and last Friday gave the imposter hitman a $100 down payment for his services, after which he was arrested.

In total, Ericson agreed to pay the imposter hitman about $150,000, with most of the payment to come after he forced his ex to wire her investment accounts into a fund to which Ericson would have access.

Ericson has an almost unparalleled criminal record. In Pine County alone, he's currently facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct, one count of violation of an order for protection, and two counts of domestic abuse. In Becker County, he faces five counts of domestic abuse; and in Isanti County, one count of harassment. All of the charges are pending.

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