Hill-Murray President Joseph Peschges denies grabbing cop in the crotch

Joseph Peschges, the Hill-Murray School President who was arrested last week during a sex sting operation, is out of jail and vehemently denying allegations that he grabbed an undercover officer's groin.

Peschges' story? He was innocently riding his bike through St. Paul's Crosby Park last Thursday when he found himself dead center in a "situation." Maybe a "wrong place, wrong time" kind of situation.

The cops tell a different story. They nabbed Peschges and eight other men in the middle-of-the-day sting. Most were just ticketed, police say, but Peschges was arrested and booked in Ramsey County Jail on suspicion of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Now it looks like he won't be charged with the gross misdemeanor crime. The Catholic school president was released from jail Friday afternoon with a citation for indecent conduct, reports the Pioneer Press.

The police have received quite a few complaints from community members about men engaging in "lewd sexual acts" with other men in Crosby Park; Thursday's was the fifth sex sting in the area this year, police say.

As of last week, another administrator was acting in Peschges' stead, according to a statement released by the school.

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